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Do you want let go of the past or add more meaning to life? The Supersoul Retreats are just for you. Take a look at the themes below.
My retreats are based on the timeless wisdom of yoga philosophy which continues to speak to the human mind and heart through the ages. Though uncommon, this embodied wisdom is presented to you with a careful blend of reliable social science in the most 'relatable' and relevant way complete with cutting-edge practical application.
You will gain access to the universal keys to successful relationships, expanding influence, upgrading who you attract, authentic leadership, emotions management that is not based on my opinion or someone else's but rather rooted in universal tradition. They work every time. All these topics are carefully unpacked from their 5000 year old Sanskrit codes for you to take advantage of today. 





Retreat Content

  • 7 Levels of Attraction

  • 6 Aspects of Compatibility

  • 3 point A-C-C triangle for relationship success

  • Ideal partner manifest workshop

  • Introduction to the masculine/feminine principle

  • Introduction to basic Vedic Astrology

  • Optional Vedic Astrology compatibility check


Retreat Content

Forgiving doesn't necessarily mean forgetting - but it does mean you can stop the past from negatively affecting you and eating at you. Do so with a combination of wisdom and insights:

  • Powerful guided meditations and simulations around 'resentment dropping'

  • Personal reflective exercises for permanent transformation

  • Presentation on the myths, reluctances and challenges to letting go

  • Gratitude sharing with like-minded spiritual seekers

  • Insights from the knowledge of the ancients on dropping shame

  • An open friendly non-judgemental environment to learn and grow

  • Basic meditation and pranayama techniques to help

find your flow

Retreat Content

Get ready to re-ignite your spark by unfolding meditations designed to uncover who you are and unleash your passion from within:

  • DISC - Tony Robbins' approved model of personality profiling

  • Dharma - the Vedic model of personality profiling and nature placement

  • Understand other peoples' nature in relationships, work and private life

  • Ask yourself in-depth questions and participate in self-discovery exercises

  • Doshas - the Ayurvedic model of self-understanding

  • Learn a time-tested system of decision making

forgive yourself

REtreat Content

If you've had enough of that pesky past haunting you over and over again - it's time to take the perspective of yourself and grow it to a whole new level:

  • Practical tools to transform guilt to gratitude and overcome unhealthy guilt

  • Insights from the knowledge of the ancients on dropping shame

  • Guided meditations and simulations to dissolve guilt

  • Techniques to transform your internal dialogue

  • Wisdom of the 3 levels of guilt

  • Reliable social science benefits of letting go of shame

  • Basic meditation and pranayama techniques to help


Retreat Content

If you're tired of knowing you can love someone, or achieve something,

but not having the courage to do so, this is perfect for you:

  • Champion Meditations

  • Clear the cause of low self-esteem

  • Clearing of parental influence 

  • Insights into the 4 levels of total self-esteem

  • Setting up proper boundaries in your life

  • Dissolve blocks to receiving love

  • Exposure to Vedanta Psychology - a new way of thinking from the East

  • Be free to truly be you​

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